3 trends bring luxury and utilities to your family

Your home will reach the pinnacle of luxury, modernity and many smart gadgets with 3 trends of the following 2017! Update now to lead the trend and own a decent level home.

  1. Use “Muted Colors”

Interior design trend with color “quiet”

“Silent” is the color that is mixed with more gray to lighten down the color. It can be white with the different levels, beige, gray, camel color … But the special feature of the “quiet” that is not silent. Matching colors to create a “quiet” color brings a depth, a compelling and lively appeal to your home. It’s called: quiet is “gu”, quiet but outstanding!

Luxury with interior design color “quiet”

The “silent” color scheme has won much sympathy over the years and has been further refined by the name: modern color palette, with a breath of luxury, sophistication.

2. Smart House Trends

Control the whole house with just one smart electronics

Intelligence is no longer alien to us. But have you really understood the power that this design brings?

The smart home has a smart connection system in which all electrical related devices such as lights, air conditioners, televisions, cameras, curtains, etc. are connected and made available through the Internet. . Homeowners can “dictate” their home with smart devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs) or directly with their own voice. These give homeowners great convenience and an immersive experience when handling a large home in a blink of an eye.

The entire home intelligent system easily “ordered” in a flash

3. Integrated entertainment room

If a smart home is the presence of the technology front, the integration of multi-function home entertainment is a new level of leadership in the trend of high-end interior design. and villas.

Integrated entertainment at home brings a rich experience

Multi-function home entertainment can be quite new, as many are familiar with the terms “home theater” or “karaoke room”. Effectively use advanced audio-visual equipment to maximize the benefits of homeowners instead of equipping these individually-designed units. Therefore, a multi-purpose room will become the movie room of the children, the room watching football father, or where the mother watching the lyrical music and many other benefits.

The multi-purpose entertainment room is more than just a home cinema room

But in order to meet the diverse needs of this most sophisticated entertainment room, you also need to consider additional equipment / interior design (such as sound insulation, to arrange lighting, arrange seats, etc.) to achieve the most complete experience.

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With these three trends, in addition to the art that they bring to the house, their utility really makes the quality of your life is enhanced, the level is enhanced.

  • quantriweb
  • 29/03/2018

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