Conference room

With facilities from basic to advanced, Nam Long AV can accommodate all types of meeting rooms. Meeting the new trend is the ability to interact with people nearby or distant through the AV device

  • Use dnp screen in bright meeting room environments.
  • Using the ClickShare or wePresent wireless connection makes it easy to connect to a projector without the need for cables, from any computer.
  • Using the Philips LCD monitor helps us interact directly on the screen, with sharp images.
  • Recording sessions and remote training with SpacesGate equipment
  • Add a Lumens / Sony camera to the meeting room for more video conferencing.
  • Sony’s full HD or 2K projector delivers a vivid picture with outstanding image quality.
  • The loudspeaker system from Apart-Audio – Belgium makes the sound quality of the meeting room clear and ensures high aesthetics.
  • High-quality video conferencing with Cisco and Sony video footage, BXB and Apart audio.
  • Projection screen function to help the speaker very easy to illustrate the information
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