Control room

Far from it, the technology behind the rear projection module is expensive and difficult to maintain. In Nam Long AV, we develop the display system for Control Room package with advanced technology, high security.

  • Combine high-end dnp Infinity optical screens with Sony / Barco laser projectors. With this system, the screen can be curve to optimize viewing angles, no gap and uniform brightness. The optical screen also gives the system high image quality, high contrast, and true color quality even in bright rooms. With the Trenton / RGB Spectrum video controllers, this solution costs only half as much as traditional solutions.
  • The LCD technology is robust, making bezel smaller (1.7-1.8mm), and at the same time, brightness to the edge of the screen is better than ever. Philips is the brand Nam Long selected for this segment with the quality of a brand from the EU and reasonable price
  • Hoàng Lê
  • 05/06/2018