Discover the “new fun” of the great Vietnamese connoisseurs

You are not afraid to spend billions to test the new game because you think that entertainment should be worth the level? So you know the “new fun” of the great Vietnamese today as the home entertainment integrated multi-purpose? If you have not, you must definitely find out in this article.

Multi-functional entertainment complex – New play of the connoisseurs

Integrated entertainment at home is a trend that many Vietnamese great interest. Because it is not just a room equipped with audio equipment, the most advanced image but also a combination of aesthetic elements in the interior design, help to improve the comfort, to weighting a new level for the house.

What is the multi-function integrated home entertainment system?

If some families know only karaoke rooms or movies at home then surely your multi-purpose room will make them admire . By the first time, they were looking at such a  multi-functional room .

Modern, state-of-the-art audio, visual equipment, high performance and aesthetics

The room is equipped with all the modern audio-visual equipment, from the famous brands such as Sony, Grandview, DNP, System-audio, … So that all entertainment needs are met fully. vivid and vivid. Imagine the scene, friends have to “dive” to make reservations at crowded karaoke bars, then you just: “Well off! Going to my house, I want to sing or let go of stress! Or if you want to watch movie theater, you always have to eat time, festivals to schedule movies now, at home, “cinema” miniature is always ready to serve you and the 24/24 .

Not only do the friends admire the comfort, but the aesthetic space of the room is also the way to show the owner how “gu”. The multi-function room has a unique design, creative also makes the entertainment activities more interesting and different.

The space of the room clearly shows the “gu” level of the home

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Benefits What is multi-purpose home entertainment?

As a “play” but must “play” to feel the value of this room. The versatile Home Entertainment Center offers practical benefits:

  • Enjoy the value of life in a comfortable room with the most satisfying entertainment needs: watching movies, watching football, singing karaoke, enjoying music, stressing with 3D games, …
  • Highly entertaining space with aesthetics and art. Thanks to that, the house is added value and help raise the position of the owner
  • Maximum comfort and relaxation: There will be no more comfortable and comfortable place for family and friends to get together, entertain together as here. Because this is your home!

Comfort and class are the values ​​of this luxurious room

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Nam Long AV – Pioneering to bring products of high-end integrated entertainment

To own this luxurious and comfortable room, you will need professional consultants and construction contractors to ensure the accuracy, aesthetics in harmony with the house and the perfect function of room. With 13 years of experience and advanced audio-visual equipment from major brands, Nam Long AV will help you choose the right package for the room and the needs of the owner. Besides, we also design and construct furniture for the room, so that multi-purpose entertainment room becomes the ideal entertainment space for your family.

If there is a need for modern multi-purpose room, it would be really suitable to the owner, just call to Hotline – 0937.89.89.55 . Highly qualified staff are ready to give you free advice!

  • quantriweb
  • 18/04/2018

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