TV’s starting technology

Television, or Television in Vietnamese, is a device that plays the role of moving image and emits sound that is used in most families today.
The start-up technology of TVs began in the 1920s, and has gone through a number of different technologies: CRT, DLP, Plasma, LCD, and most recently OLED. Along with the development of the technology, the image quality is sharp (high resolution, wide color reproduction) and the size of the growing.
However, large screens are not yet popular in the home because of price barriers. One example is the Samsung TV is currently offered on the website with dimensions 88 inch is 400 million VND .
Although today’s televisions are packed with advanced technology, and even their own operating system for smart computing, the basic function of a television is still the image display. At the recent ISE 2016, DNP, the world’s largest manufacturer of optical displays, introduced a revolutionary laser panel product . At a much lower price than the LCD monitor, the dnp laser panel includes a 100-inch STS optical display and 20,000-hour laser projector.
Laser Panel was born after the cooperation of dnp with China’s big size television maker – Hisense. Soon after launch in China three years ago, this product has taken the No. 1 spot in the large-screen segment from the 100-inch family.

  • quantriweb
  • 30/03/2018
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