Application technology for Education is growing rapidly, which is the close association between IT and AV. At Nam Long AV, we know and understand this development, and are always pioneering the adoption of new technologies.

  • Sony projector with high brightness, HD resolution, Full HD, interactive, warranty on the entire system of Sony Vietnam across the country.
  • Philips LCD displays with size from 50″ to 98″, Android integration and interoperability.
  • WePresent is a brand that can not be missed in modern meeting rooms, where teachers can easily share data on projector screens or student handsets. In contrast, students also easily express, exchange ideas with people and teachers on the screen immediately.

  • The picture quality is more than words, it is the motto of dnp. The meeting room has high brightness, making the projector screen becomes dull and lack of appeal. Nowadays, with dnp, the story will end, the class will be vibrant and class with dnp optical technology.
  • Video recording? Post to Youtube or live stream on Facebook, or even save on the web, so students easily access and review when not in class? Also, distance training? Everything is very easy with the SpacesGate and Multicam System. SpacesGate also easily connects to the wireless device of the wePresent, making the two-way interaction between students and teachers extremely easy.
  • Hoàng Lê
  • 05/06/2018