Home Entertainment

This is one of the business areas that Nam Long AV has the most ideas, and owns the most advanced brands, with the most success and case study. Each device, each brand, every detail is thoroughly tested Nam Long AV to ensure that when you entertain the technology and satisfaction you will reach the perfect.

Listen to music

We pursue Hi-end music, but we do not follow traditional technology with bulky, space-intensive, hard-coded, and complex systems. Digital music has changed everything. At Nam Long we pursue simplicity, technological excellence, robust design, coupled with excellent sound quality guaranteed by high-end audio brands in the world.

  • Innuos Music Server, the leading brand from Germany. With Apple’s rich and high quality digital music, Tidal, Sportify, you do not have to worry about where to buy the discs, everything is available.
  • System-Audio (SA), the Danish brand since 1984, with the boss as a musician, along with a system of expert audiophiles to carefully select each speaker when it is shipped. SA Audio is also the world leader in Wisa technology for wireless connectivity. SA also allows all input sources to be connected through a Hub, which will wirelessly transmit to the loudspeaker, so your room will no longer be confused and inconvenient.
  • B-Audio and DAC converters from B-Audio (France) and Lindermann ensure the highest quality digital reproduction.

Watching movie

  • Once again, it can be said that Nam Long AV is at the forefront of film technology in Vietnam. From 4K quality images to HD surround sound, Nam Long AV has been making its name for more than a decade.
  • Projectors, we focus on the top two luxury brands in the world are Sony and Sim2 (Italy), with 4K picture quality, HDR.
  • Grandview screen is beautifully designed, suitable for most of the projection rooms. In addition, the dnp optical viewfinder (Denmark), perhaps the trademark of the image limit, as it restricts all light sources to the screen, receives light only in the direction of the projector, The image quality is always high, reflecting the true color quality. Not only that, due to dnp’s ability to watch movies in bright environments, movie viewing systems do not necessarily follow the traditional pattern of being in dark space, which can now be moved to the room. Guests can play games with large screens and indirect lighting (avoid eye damage); Dad can watch football, tennis, golf and the whole family instead of going out; Moms can listen to music, watch fashion or even exercise as directed through Youtube.
  • Sound system for watching movies:
    – Wireless surround sound reproduction system to 7.1 surround sound of SA and Axiim
    – Professional audio speaker system to ensure the sound quality of the most difficult ears of Triad Audio (USA), Procella (Sweden) and amply designed system from Trinnov (France)


This is the last stop in a home entertainment system, when the connection of Karaoke family is clear. The problem is how can we comfortably express our songs with the best sound quality, even better than professional karaoke bars.

At Nam Long AV, we use Tecnare Audio (Spain) ‘s 8 “/ 10” / 12 “/ 15” professional speaker system on your beautiful home. Strong, clear, strong bass is the strength of Tecnare that any sound company wants to achieve.

And All-in-One

Now, your in-home entertainment system with top-notch audio equipment, what else?

We develop the usability of your home with intelligent control systems.

Instead of having one device in control, now it’s not just a turn-by-turn, it’s a complete set-up with just one iPhone or iPad. We use the world’s No. 1 control system, control4.

Not only control the audio and video equipment, but the related systems such as room lighting, blinds, air conditioners, cameras, etc. are fully integrated on a single device.

Now you can program your own home with your own settings from time to time or by preference. You can feel a good music in the morning when you wake up, watch a movie at 8.00 pm, or the system will turn off at 11.00 night, the room will automatically turn on. The temperature is 25 degrees when you go to bed, and automatically rise to 28 degrees at 2.00 am.

Everything is very simple, and ready for your home

  • Hoàng Lê
  • 05/06/2018