Metraweather - weather forecast

Metraweather forecast system - Automatic, accurate, vivid visual

Forecast weather plays an important role in the life which affects all fields and provides infomation or warnings to protect their life, assets and out-door playing fields.

MetraWeather System is effective method to catch the new forecast trend which is completely automatic, updates fully and exactly vivid images to users.

MetraWeather, the international commercial brand of the Meteorological Service of New Zealand, is a global leader in providing innovative weather information services.

Since 1996, MetraWeather has experienced over 20 years which was chosen to set up at BBC UK, the top Europe Television, Middle East ( TG4, Nelonen, NOS and Atena), Ustrailia ( Seven, Nice, Ten Networks, Sky News) and famous channels in South east Asia area ( Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar...)

MetraWeather forecast system is useful for not only TV station but also organizations which depend on the weather. This auto and heuristic method is the most different from normal others. Data and videos are exported in real-time with minutely updated numbers. Exporting graphics, 3D images with wind, rain, snow's cover, humidity... are easy to use; Interface is friendly and information is updated continuously 24/7, it’s considered as the best solution to save cost.

MetraWeather provides comprehensive weather information services, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We provide ground-breaking products and services that give a competitive edge to businesses worldwide in the energy, media, transport, resources, infrastructure and retail sectors.

Our services assist:

  • Transport authorities and airlines to keep roads safe and planes flying
  • Energy providers to ensure power available to homes and businesses, regardless of any seasons
  • TV broadcasters to produce accurate, visually stunning and easy-to-understand weather bulletins
  • Retailers to plan stock levels and logistics ahead of customer demand
  • Regional councils to manage their water resources
  • Farmers to plan when to plant and harvest crops and move to stock to shelter
  • Resources companies to manage their planning, monitoring and day-to-day operations
  • Energy traders to make fast and effective trading decisions ahead of the market

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