Metraweather - weather forecast

MetraWeather’s Media Design Team will work with you to create a look that is unique to your company by customising titles, straps, clocks, icon sets, and colour gradients to meet your requirements. All you need to do is download the show and play it to air.


     Basic Standart Premium
  • Scene numbers from the types listed below*
4 5 6
  • Scene numbers from the types listed below*
No No Yes
  • Working Hours by MetraWeather’s design team to customise the show to match your station branding
20 30 50
  • Content languages numbers


  • Sponsor’s logos or animation can be embedded in the show**
Yes Yes Yes
  • An audio track or music bed may be included in the show***
No No Yes
  • Either HD or SD (16x9 or 4x3) clip delivered as a QuickTime movie
Yes Yes Yes + 2K resolution
  • Clips delivered up to
one time per day one time per day two times per day
  • Show time can be customised per language per day
up to 2 minutes of video up to 3 minutes of video up to 6 minutes of video
  • Show can be delivered
as a single clip as a single clip or as individual
clips for each scene
as a single clip or as individual clips for each scene


* Satellite / forecast wind, rain, cloud, pressure / coloured temperature / satellite+clouds / pressure + rain / pressure + cloud / observed overview / max, min and weather icon / 24 hour forecast / 5 days outlook / extreme weather (cylclone) / marine weather (waves, tides, swells) / environmental data / air quality data
** Sponsor’s graphic may be changed up to twice per year. Further changes may be made at an additional charge.
*** Audio track may be changed up to twice per year. Further changes may be made at an additional charge


• Single workstation on-site solution – supports one studio with minimal
hardware investment
• Ready to go with a range of maps and other graphical assets already installed
• Includes all data available to Weatherscape XT Clip with the addition of local
observations where these are available
• High resolution maps can be included for city views
• Shows can be played live to air in real-time
• Take total control over the playback timeline
• Playback may be controlled via a touchscreen or wireless presenter remote
• Publish directly to social media platforms – Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter
• Comprehensive training for Presenters, Broadcast Graphic Designers, and
System Engineers



* Optional standby ingest host / optional regional database hosts / additional playout workstations to support multiple studios / additional edit workstations / new media renderers for automatically producing content for web, CMS or social media
** Global models, regional high resolution weather data, extensive global and regional observed/forecast data, sea wave and swell, sunrise/sunset times, global earthquake data, other environmental data (air quality, pollen - published by local agencies)



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