dnp optical screens – Challenges every light space

DNP – a Danish brand that is the world’s leading manufacturer of optical displays (accounting for 65% of the global market), represents an important advance in the worldwide display category.
The dnp’s optical projection screen is much larger than the TV screen, much brighter than traditional projection screens, offering greater resolution than LED displays and seamless displays, no jigsaw or The junction is only <1mm compared to the Videowall screen

Under bright lighting conditions, contrast plays a very important role in delivering superior image quality. For normal screening, either in low light conditions or using large, expensive projectors, otherwise the image will have a low contrast, blurring, sore eyes, causing the viewer difficulty concentrating.

Comparison of optical quality (top and bottom) and conventional screen (center) using the 2500 ANSI Lumens LCD projector in bright environments (450 LUX environmental light measured on the screen surface). ).
Owing to the breakthrough in optical technology and the improvement of contrast, users can display content in large screen under any bright conditions while still maintaining sharp image quality.

The dnp optical diodes have a wide range of applications for a variety of applications.

The projection screen Laserpanel uses a short projector suitable for high-class meeting rooms, international class.

Supernova front projection screen, suitable for meeting rooms, classrooms, large halls, family movie room, central control room.

  • quantriweb
  • 29/03/2018

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