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4-Way 8″ Monitor

If you are looking for a combination of both quality precision and power for your main studio speakers, you can’t go wrong with the SC4 series.

Both models – the SC407 and SC408 – feature a very powerful amplifier array, with one amplifier per driver. The larger woofers duplicate all frequencies up to a certain crossover frequency. The mid-range woofer picks up from there. This also means all our four-way speakers are symmetrical, as the woofers do not serve different frequency bands, but essentially duplicating the bass frequencies with an utmost preciseness.

The result? Incredible bass reproduction, a very linear response, and plenty of power to shake up your main studio control room.

The stylish grey plate in the middle of the speaker not only houses the midrange woofer and AMT tweeter, but it can also be rotated so that you can place your speaker vertically or horizontally.

Tech Talk

The SC408 is the largest four-way system monitor that EVE Audio produces and the perfect choice for larger control rooms where engineers look for the correct combination of power and precision.

A pair of 8″ SilverCone woofers with its glass fibre coated diaphragm in honeycomb structure and low distortion cover the frequency range from an earthshattering 32 Hz up to 250 Hz. This will guarantee you a powerful, accurate and tight bass reproduction. A sophisticated 1.5″ voice coil is responsible for creating a greater linear excursion, which will give you a very clear and accurate bass.

A 5″ midrange unit, specially developed for SC408 uses our very low distortion and completes the system together with the Air Motion Transformer RS3 (AMT Ribbon System 3). The AMT RS3 – the same as in the SC407 model – houses a bigger magnet system to deliver a higher output level with virtually less distortion.

Each driver is provided with its own PWM amplifier for a total short-term output power of 800 W. With a maximum output level of 118dB (SPL @ 1 m), there’s plenty of power to keep the air moving, even in the larger control rooms.

The SC408 combines a perfectly powerful bass with a transparent mid-range and crystal clear high frequency reproduction. For those reasons, we believe it will be the tool of choice for most mid-size to larger control rooms and studios.

As with every other EVE Audio speaker, you get both balanced XLR inputs and unbalanced RCA inputs for greater convenience.


With every EVE Audio speaker, you also get high resolution DSP electronics. One push knob operation and you will have access to accurate volume control and several different filter settings that will help you tailor your monitors to the way you work. And if you always avoid digital processing, we’ve got you covered. The DSP engine is supported with a high quality A/D converter (24bit/192kHz) from Burr-Brown, which delivers a pristine signal to the DSP section. And since the PWM amplifiers are directly connected to the DSP, no additional conversion is necessary.

Bass Port Design

It’s all in the geometry. One of the downside effects of port compression is bass distortion. As you turn up the volume, the efficiency of the port reduces and distortion will increase.

We opted for a large rear rectangular port with no hard edges for our bass port designs. That’s one of the reasons EVE monitors have a high efficiency on the lower frequencies.

The results? High sound pressures with tight and punchy bass frequencies that don’t cause port distortion. Crank up the volume, and EVE will deliver a round bass. And with no holes to look at every time you glance at your speakers.




Freq. responsePolar patternDistortion


Description4-way System
Dimensions (WxHxD) [mm]710 x 330 x 440
Dimensions (WxHxD) [“]27.95 x 12.99 x 17.32
Free-field frequency range (-3dB)32Hz – 21kHz
TweeterAMT RS3
Woofer2 x 200mm/8″
Cross-over frequency250Hz/3000Hz
Maximum SPL @ 1m118dB
Number of amplifiers4
Output power (woofers)2 x 250W
Output power (mid-driver)250W
Output power (tweeter)50W
Protection limiter
Volume-inf. – +6dB
High-shelf filter (-5dB – +3dB)> 3kHz
Desk filter boost (0dB – +3dB)80Hz
Desk filter cut (-5dB – 0dB)160Hz
Low-shelf filter (-5dB – +3dB)< 300Hz
LED brightness setting
Level-lock dip switch
Filter-lock dip switch
Input level dip switch+7dBu/+22dBu
XLR in (impedance) (10k)
RCA in (impedance) (10k)
Power consumption 
Standby< 1W
Full output350VA
Weight kg/lb.29.5 / 65


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