• Sony VPL-FHZ101L0

Sony VPL-FHZ101L

  • VPL-FHZ101L

10.000lumens laser light source projector

Combining spectacular image quality with easy set-up and minimal maintenance needs, these high-brightness 3LCD laser projectors are ideal for installation in larger spaces.

Brighter images in bigger venues

Captivate your audience in conference halls, lecture theatres, galleries, museums, visitor attractions and other large spaces. Very high light output (13,000 lumens VPL-FHZ131L, 10,000 lumens VPL-FHZ101L, 9,000 lumens VPL-FHZ91L) ensures big-screen presentations with extra presence, even in brightly lit rooms.

Get closer to reality

Impressive picture quality is boosted by Sony’s unique super resolution Reality Creation technology. This uses a powerful pattern-matching database to optimise lower-resolution images, enhancing clarity without increasing digital picture noise.

Faster, fuss-free set-up

Save time with Sony’s Intelligent Setting function that simplifies installation with pre-sets to optimise brightness, cooling, colour and other projector settings. You’ll be rewarded with great pictures in any environment – including meeting/classrooms, museums, entertainment venues and multi-screen setups.

For more flexible installation

Don’t restrict your thinking. You’ll appreciate an industry-leading lens shift adjustment range and a wide choice of interchangeable lenses, giving more options to install the projector in any space, including classrooms and halls with high ceilings. For extra flexibility the VPLL-Z4107 short throw lens is ideal when positioning the projector close to the screen to avoid ceiling-mounted obstructions.

With normal lens shift

The projector requires a mounting bracket, which obscures the audience’s view.

With wide lens shift

Lens shift gives greater installation flexibility, even in rooms with high ceilings.

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