Top entertainment with home cinema

Investing in home theater is not just about installing projection equipment, projection screens, speakers, etc. To get the feeling of “sitting in the theater” and reaching the peak of emotion, the room must be set up. The harmony between acoustic equipment, light and the “gu” aesthetic of the home.

Top entertainment with home theater

Standard equipment for the home theater

A room with expensive TV screens from famous brands can not be turned into a home theater. In order to reach the experience of sitting in the theater, the room must be equipped with a projection screen, projector, modern sound system.

In addition, with the development of technology, your family can watch movies without turning off the lights when using the optical screen. The most famous is the optical screen from DNP.

Modern technology, audio and visual equipment

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With the use of DNP projection screens, you do not have to turn off the lights or limit the light, but you can still see the picture on the screen perfectly. As a result, when watching movies, family members no longer uncomfortable or eyed to see in the dark as in the cinema anymore. Along with that, enjoying each footage in space full of light to help the whole family can always see each other, sharing the emotions of the movie being shown.

Currently in Vietnam, Nam Long AV is the exclusive distributor of DNP optical screen in the market, is a prestigious unit providing modern audiovisual equipment from the world famous brands such as Sony, Grandview, DNP, System-audio, …

Comfortably chat and share your feelings about the movie at your beloved home

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Luxurious space with bold beauty

Not only can the equipment, the room that Nam Long AV bring to your home is also designed, caring for the interior. From the acoustic treatment (sound insulation floor, ceiling, wall, …) to the installation, layout and equipment coordination and interior design are conducted in a professional manner.

Top entertainment space, harmony of sound, light and interior

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Here, you can fully boast of a high-end entertainment space with artistic aesthetics and art. And that is why the connoisseurs choose this unique place to create value for the home.

Consultancy and construction of home movies at prestigious home

With 13 years of experience, Nam Long AV has provided flexible video solutions for home cinema at thousands of apartments and high-end villas. We fully meet the quality requirements while still ensuring optimal cost for thousands of apartments and luxury villas.

Not just a movie room …

The room provided by Nam Long AV is not only capable of satisfying the needs of home theater viewing, but it is also capable of satisfying many other entertaining needs in a unique and classy manner. With the advantages of the above, the room is where your family can watch football, karaoke, enjoy live music or battle hard 3D game, …

This is the great benefit that this very comfortable room brings to your family. Therefore, the home cinema room provided by Nam Long AV is also known as: Multi-purpose integrated entertainment room.

If you are looking for a modern multi-purpose room, the perfect space for your family to stay right at your home, call 0937.89.89.55 . Nam Long AV team is ready to give you free advice!

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  • 29/03/2018

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