TV Studio

Again, the strength of Nam Long AV continues to be confirmed in this field. With more than 10 years of experience, deployment and completion at nationwide television stations, Nam Long AV is proud to be able to provide total solutions in the studio from television stations to the media units. the media agency.

  • MulticamSystem (France): Synchronous solution as a moving film, or fixed at a specific location. With Multicam System, the operation of a professional studio is easy even with amateurs because the touch screen operation can not be simpler.
    Now, the communication of news or products, .. becomes extremely simple because Multicam System allows direct data transmission directly on facebook or Youtube.
    System of Multicam System consists of hardware camera, touch screen + software. The cost of investment is reasonable with any radio station, network, so Multicam is the spearhead of Nam Long, and also help customers have an effective, simple and fast Broadcasting solution.
  • Hoàng Lê
  • 05/06/2018