Nam Long AV warranty covers all defects in materials and workmanship for all products sold by Only original, unaltered, and unmodified materials and workmanship are covered by this policy. This warranty does not cover damage caused by improper deployment, misuse, accidents, neglect, or the natural breakdown of materials over time. Products should be returned to us for evaluation.For more information about repair, exchange and Returns, please visit our website after service policy.

Product Series

Warranty period (months)

Sony Projector

Sony Data/Home   Projector

The warranty period is 24 months, except for the specific warranty periods for components as follows:

    • Lamp: warranty period is 06 months
  • Prism block and lens: warranty period is 12 months.

Sony Laser Projector

The warranty period of 60 months or 10,000 hours of operation is recorded on the machine, whichever comes first, with the following details:

  • The first 36 months or 10,000 hours of operation: Warranty contents include free replacement / repair parts and wages
  • The remaining 24 months or the rest of the total of 10,000 hours of operation depends on whichever comes first: warranty content is as follows:

– Laser Module: Warranties

– The remaining parts: Only free of charge, no free spare parts.

Sony Laser Home Projector

The 36 months or 5,000-hour warranty period is recorded on the device, whichever comes first, with the following details: Warranty contents include free replacement / repair parts and wages.

  • The remaining 12 months or the remaining of a total of 5,000 hours of operation depends on whichever comes first: the warranty content is as follows:

–  Laser Module: Warranties

– The remaining parts: Only free of charge, no free spare parts.

Grandview Screen

Electric screen

60 months warranty with body screen, 24 months with engine

Frame screen

Warranty 60 months

DNP Screen

Warranty 24 months

SIM2 Projector

12 months warranty with camera body, 06 months with light bulb

Tecnare Sound Systems

Warranty 24 months

SA Speaker – System Audio

Warranty 60 months

Triad Speaker

Warranty 24 months

Other devices

Warranty 12 months

Broadcast equipments

Product Series

Warranty period (months)

Purchase date (months)

Ship date (months)

Special time limit

Panasonic LUMIX Digital Cameras



The date of purchase is determined based on the date of purchase indicated on the sales invoice / value-added invoice or the date of activation of the electronic warranty but not more than 30 months from the date of release (issue of the ticket).

SWIT: Broadcast industry products, including HD video monitoring, conversion and transmission, Broadcast camera power solutions, on-camera lightings and studio lightings.

Product Series

Warranty period (months)

SWIT Chargers

24 months conditional

SWIT Lightings

24 months conditional

SWIT Monitor

24 months conditional

HD Converters / Transmitters

24 months conditional

SWIT Batteries

≤ 80Wh

12 months conditional

> 80Wh

24 months conditional

Gudsen MOZA Professional camera stabilizer

Product Series

Warranty period (months)

Gudsen MOZA Professional camera stabilizer

Main Components

Warranty Period

MOZA Air 2

Air2 gimbal

12 months

Gimbal battery cover

03 months

Gimbal motors

03 months

Moza custom battery

03 months

Moza custom battery charger 03 months
Accessories cables 01 month
iFocus(option) 12 months

MOZA Air/AirCross

Air/AirCross Gimbal12 Months
Handle Bars/Side handles/Handle Clamp12 Months
Wireless Thumb Controller12 Months
Gimbal Motors03 Months
Moza Custom Battery03 Months
Moza Custom Battery Charger03 Months
Accessories Cables/Lens Support01 Month


MOZA Mini-MI Gimbal12 Months
Battery03 Months
Tripod01 Month
Charging CableNo Warranty

MOZA Lite2/2P

Lite2/2P Gimbal12 Months
Lite2/2P Carry Case12 Months
Wireless Thumb Controller12 Months
Moza Custom Battery06 Months
Moza Custom Battery Charger06 Months

Retailed accessories

Retailed accessories

01 Month

Chargeable Services

The products ineligible for warranty coverage will be offered chargeable services according to the following conditions:

The cases ineligible for coverage include,but not limited to the following cases:

  • The Product is out of warranty period.
  • Loss or damage to the Products not arising from or in connection with manufacturing defects, such as loss or damage due to acts of God (lightning strike, flood, etc.), accidents, water entering, insect/animal entering, non-official software installation, dropping or improper use, etc.
  • The Product has NOT been replaced or repaired by Authorized Service Center.
  • Customer is not able to present evidence documents, or fails to provide the required information for warranty.
  • The Product is not sold by or via Nam Long AV.
  • In the event that a Product is checked and inspected as per Customer request, then Customer refuses to repair, such checking and inspection fee will be borne by Customer.

If you have questions, or if you would like to make a complaint, please contact us by Hotline: (+84) 946.546.969 | Email: