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Grandview’s Large-Flat Permanent Fixed-Frame is designed for the most precision and enthusiast oriented applications. It features an advanced aluminum structure with the goal of creating an image made to fit the natural curve of the human eye. The Design is created to eliminate problems caused by different distances between the projector and the screen. This screen brings high definition viewing to a high level.

Concave Perm-Fixed Series
Designed for Optimal Viewing

● 4 Sided Tension Design

The steel tension bars along with the fixing lugs stretch and tightens. The screen fabric for is to be completely flat and wrinkle-free. The tension can be adjusted to ensure a evenly tensioned surface.


 More Accurate, Realistic, A feast for Your Eyes

Based on the feature of eyeball to achieve high definition, and balance the focus of screen with purpose of achieving perfect effect between screen image and visual experience.


● More Uniform, Detailed, Taking you into your Film World
Based on the projector’s sphere to make the image uniform and perfectly focused.


Optional Fabric

Screen Size Table

ModelsFormatViewing Area
LF-PH100(16:9)WB516:92214 x 1245mm100”PS HD WhiteChina
LF-PH106(16:9)WB516:92340 x 1320mm106”PS HD WhiteChina
LF-PH120(16:9)WB516:92656 x 1494mm120”PS HD WhiteChina
LF-PH133(16:9)WB516:92945 x 1656mm133”PS HD WhiteChina
LF-PH150(16:9)WB516:93320 x 1867mm150”PS HD WhiteChina
LF-PH180(16:9)WB516:93984 x 2240mm180”PS HD WhiteChina
LF-PH200(16:9)WB516:94428 x 2491mm200”PS HD WhiteChina


1. Unremarked measurements are default to be MM.
2. The ratio of length and height is 27:1, customized is acceptable.
3. Above parameters could be changed due to product improvement.

    Sản phẩm bạn có thể quan tâm

    Màn chiếu điện Grandview – Cyber

    Kích thước : 92″ – 200″. Tỉ lệ : 16:9. Chất liệu : Matte Gray Fabric. Gain : 0.8. Xuất xứ : China

    Màn chiếu kéo tay Grandview

    Kích thước : 92″ – 120″. Tỉ lệ : 16:9. Chất liệu : Matte Gray Fabric. Gain : 0.8. Xuất xứ : China

    Màn chiếu khung Grandview – loại khung cong

    Kích thước : 100″ – 200″ Tỉ lệ : 16:9 Chất liệu : PS White Fabric Gain : 1.0 Xuất xứ : China

    Màn chiếu điện Grandview – loại Cyber

    Kích thước : 92″ – 200″ Tỉ lệ : 16:9 Chất liệu : Matte Gray Fabric Gain : 0.8 Xuất xứ : China
    Bạn muốn đặt mua sản phẩm Grandview Fixed Frame Series – Concave Perm-Fixed hãy để lại thông tin.Chúng tôi sẽ liên hệ lại với bạn ngay khi chúng tôi nhận được yêu cầu.