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  • Large Stage Project Series – Motorized Screen0

    Large Stage Project Series – Motorized Screen

      • Large Stage Project
      • Projection Screen
      • Majestic Visual Experience

      Majestic Visual Experience

      Grandview large stage motorized screen is wisely applied to venues such as the theatre halls, large performances, auditoriums, and etc. For the traditional large screens that are with fixed tension structure, they are strict in requirement of raw materials and workmanship cause the viewing area is usually very huge, and the surface tension is always insurmountability which make the screen surface cannot remain flat.



      Revolutionary Design

      ● Large torsion tubular Motor

      The screen will utilize the 80N large torsion tubular motor which is noiseless and convenient to fix and adjust.

      ● Extra large diameter and high-intensity aluminum alloy roller

      Extra large diameter diameter and high-intensity aluminum alloy shaft that level camber is less than 0.05%, it can remain fixed and straight within 10 meters span and the distortion caused by the suspended installation of the large shaft can be effectively relieved.

      ● Compound multi-layers diffuse reflection fabric

      Compound multi-layers diffuse reflection fabric can ensure seamless up to 5m height. The fabric height that is beyond 5m, after treating with the high-intensity frequency joint technology, there will be no visual seam when projecting motive image.

      ● Extremely fast and convenient to change the motor

      Simply open the main cover, remove the existing motor and insert the replacement. This design allows the screen to easily modified and have an extended product life cycle.

      ● Screen flat adjustment system

      The fabric V-shaped wrinkles can be effectively eliminated by adjusting the fabric rod.



      Large-Stage Motorized Screen with Wood Casing


      ● The metal brackets match with high-intensity adhesion wooden casing and penetrated screws, which ensures the safety of the suspended installation.

      ● With utilizing a high-strength alloy aluminum roller (250mm diameter).


      Extra large diameter           High strength and double-

      roller                                        deck wood casing


      Varied Installations
      ●Ceiling Hang●Ceiling Mount●Suspended Ceiling Mount


      Control Options
      ● Standard control provides stable and suitable installations.● Options
      The fabric adjustment and micro control can be achieved by controller. The remote distance is more than 25 meters.
      ● Fabric Types


      2-D View
      Large-Stage Motorized Screen with Wood Casing

      Screen size Table

      ModelsFormatViewing Area
      LS-MA250(4:3)WM9(ASCW)4:35,08 x 3,81m250”matte whiteChina
      LS-MA300(4:3)WM9(ASCW)4:36,00 x 4,50m300”matte whiteChina
      LS-MB350(4:3)WM9(ASCW)4:37,11 x 5,33m350”matte whiteChina
      LS-MB400(4:3)WM9(ASCW)4:38,13 x 7,00m400”matte whiteChina
      LS-M450(4:3)WM9(ASCW)4:39,15 x 6,90m450”matte whiteChina
      LS-M500(4:3)WM9(ASCW)4:310,00 x 7,50m500”matte whiteChina
      LS-MA250(16:10)WM9(ASCW)16:105,39 x 3,37m250”matte whiteChina
      LS-MA300(16:10)WM9(ASCW)16:106,46 x 4,03m300”matte whiteChina
      LS-MB350(16:10)WM9(ASCW)16:107,54 x 4,71m350”matte whiteChina
      LS-M400(16:10)WM9(ASCW)16:108,62 x 5,39m400”matte whiteChina
      LS-M450(16:10)WM9(ASCW)16:109,69 x 6,06m450”matte whiteChina
      LS-M500(16:10)WM9(ASCW)16:1010,77 x 6,73m500”matte whiteChina

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      Bạn muốn đặt mua sản phẩm Large Stage Project Series – Motorized Screen hãy để lại thông tin.Chúng tôi sẽ liên hệ lại với bạn ngay khi chúng tôi nhận được yêu cầu.