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  • Super Mobile Series – Super Mobile (Rear Projection)0

    Super Mobile Series – Super Mobile (Rear Projection)

      • Super Mobile Series Projection Screen
      • Ideal for Moveable Presentation

      Ideal for Moveable Presentation

      ● The screen is convenient to sturdy and easy to carry, benefited from its professionally designed aluminum
      alloy frame and the solid corner design by helping increase the rigidity of the overall structure.

      ● Only 10 minutes is needed to extend or fold a screen even is 200″ size.
      ● Fixing by multiple points on each frame bar, it ensures the screen to be installed flat and winkle-free.
      ● With standard flight case option, the screen is easy to fit and carry.

      Innovative Design

      The innovative fold-and-lock mechanism helps making setup and takedown easy. It also ensures the frame is firm and secure during use. The solid corner design adds safety by helping increase the rigidity of the overall structure.

      Practical, Durable and Portable

      The professionally designed frame is sturdy yet light and easy to transport. All pieces including the frame, support and screen fabric are designed to fit into one case which greatly saves space for transportation.

      Professional Viewing Quality

      The screen is fixed by multiple points on each frame bar. This ensures the screen will be installed flat and wrinkle-free.

      PS Soft white   Matte Fabric Rear Projection PS  Series lexible Fabric 


      Screen size Table

      ModelsFormatViewing Area (W x H)Specification (inch)MaterialOrigin
      LS-Z100(4:3)RE34:32,03 x 1,52m100”rear fabricChina
      LS-Z120(4:3)RE34:32,34 x 1,76m120”rear fabricChina
      LS-Z150(4:3)RE34:32,82 x 2,11m150”rear fabricChina
      LS-Z180(4:3)RE34:33,66 x 2,74m180”rear fabricChina
      LS-Z200(4:3)RE34:34,06 x 3,05m200”rear fabricChina
      LS-Z250(4:3)RE34:35,08 x 3,81m250”rear fabricChina
      LS-Z300(4:3)RE34:36,10 x 4,57m300”rear fabricChina
      LS-Z100(16:9)RE316:92,21 x 1,25m100”rear fabricChina
      LS-Z120(16:9)RE316:92,66 x 1,49m120”rear fabricChina
      LS-Z138(16:9)RE316:93,06 x 1,72m138”rear fabricChina
      LS-Z165(16:9)RE316:93,65 x 2,06m165”rear fabricChina
      LS-Z180(16:9)RE316:93,98 x 2,24m180”rear fabricChina
      LS-Z229(16:9)RE316:95,07 x 2,85m229”front fabricChina
      LS-Z275(16:9)RE316:96,09 x 3,42m275”front fabricChina
      LS-Z103(16:10)RE316:102,22 x 1,39m103”front fabricChina
      LS-Z137(16:10)RE316:102,95 x 1,84m137”front fabricChina
      LS-Z164(16:10)RE316:103,53 x 2,21m164”front fabricChina
      LS-Z180(16:10)RE316:103,88 x 2,42m180”front fabricChina
      LS-Z235(16:10)RE316:105,06 x 3,16m235”front fabricChina
      LS-Z283(16:10)RE316:106,10 x 3,81m283”front fabricChina

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      Bạn muốn đặt mua sản phẩm Super Mobile Series – Super Mobile (Rear Projection) hãy để lại thông tin.Chúng tôi sẽ liên hệ lại với bạn ngay khi chúng tôi nhận được yêu cầu.